Coronavirus in Slovenia gambling establishments of the country temporarily closed

The largest operator of terrestrial gambling Slovenia – HIT – announced the termination of their gambling. Forced to break the gambling sites will last at least until 20 March. It is expected that the measure will help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

 We know that all gambling establishments, located in the western region of Goriška, will be closed. Such efforts are needed playtech slots to contain the spread of a dangerous virus.

 operator’s decision, not least due to the escalation of the situation in Italy. The latter is in a state of temporary isolation, the majority of the population is under quarantine, disease transmission continues. Details on the situation of gambling companies and potential losses due to the difficult situation in the country – in our material.

 The WHO has warned that there is a threat of a global pandemic because of the accelerated pace of the spread of the virus worldwide. The organization has provided data showing that the total number of reported cases was 110 thousand., 3.8 thousand. Man could not be saved.

 Recall that the spread of coronavirus has already had an impact on the gaming company Las Vegas, stock price falls operators. Details – in the material.

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