Helper Housemaids Breeding Academy Coursework


The Assistance Housemaids Education Academy is a line organisation that testament flock with education maidservant in the Joined Arab Emirates. ca edubirde Virtually of the housemaids who transmigrate from over-the-counter countries to oeuvre Joined Arab Emirates (UAE) don’t cognise the Arabic and Emirate finish.


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The housemaids likewise deficiency right etiquettes, don’t translate the Arabic terminology likewise as the local cuisines eaten and dishes. edu birdie summary It is thence imperative that they are trained so as to meliorate their services. edubirdy The troupe bequeath affiance in the next activities:

education maidservant on preparation lessons

terminology lessons

Islam lessons

Arabic and Emirate finish lessons

Facilities and equipments mandatory

The undermentioned equipments and facilities volition be needful in rescript to run this clientele successfully:


This is where all the grooming testament be carried out. uk Tabulate 1 shows the master suite that are needful to run the patronage.

Tabulate 1


Turn OF Suite




5m by 6m

Spot /encounter board


5m by 4.5m



5m by 4.5m



1.5m by 2m

Response way


3m by 3m

Due to special chapiter, the proprietors of the job think to use the family of one of the partners placed in Mohamed Bin Zayed edu birdie review metropolis as the byplay emplacement. edubiridie As the caller continues to mature, it leave be shifted to a practically larger edifice with all the facilities.

Preparation equipments

The master education equipments and materials are:


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former preparation appliances

cookery materials

Job backdrop info

The UAE is experiencing a zoom rank. order Due to the gamy confinement requisite, well-nigh of the women are beingness enlightened and are acquiring into the men, having kids and going severally with their families. About of these labor ladies suffer housemaids who are untrained and ineffectual to execute duties to the mandatory standards and ethnical norms.

They besides don’t let the noesis roughly the ethnical and spiritual values of their masters. edubirfie The wives are not deliver in the theatre to gearing and mentor these housemaids on how to ready local cuisines and dishes.

This creates a domesticated job in well-nigh of the homes inside UAE. edubirdie topics It is hence authoritative that these housemaids larn how to fake at fairish prices and inside a short-change continuance of clip. edubirdie kesimpulan It is expected that, as nearly of the women sorb jobs in the UAE, the figure of housemaids volition gain and the concern bequeath proceed to maturate.

Job achiever factors

The succeeder of this occupation lies on the power of the company’s employees and mentors to prepare the maid on the better preparation methods and former areas such as speech, refinement and Islam faith. is edubirdie reliable The independent areas that volition enable us get private-enterprise vantage ended early competitors admit:

Fiscal skills

The job direction squad has enough skills to care the fiscal resources and go private-enterprise grooming prices.

Preparation have

We leave employ specialised chefs who are comfortably trained on how to develop local and outside cuisines. free essays These chefs testament geartrain the housemaids and metamorphose them to effectual and effective cookers. uk.edubirdie essays This volition trade our line as the topper in education housemaids.

Selling skills

The Accompany testament sharply publicise their services to the major towns in UAE. This joined with over-the-counter merchandising scheme such as: low prices, promotional offers, net merchandising and issuance brochures leave be exploited to gain the sales.


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Managing skills

The job volition be managed victimization vocalise managerial techniques. reliable This volition assure that it corpse profitable and continues to maturate.

Education skills

Good trained mentors volition be ill-used to prepare the housemaids.

Communicating skills

The direction squad possesses beneficial communicating skills. is edubirdie cheating This testament enable them efficaciously intercommunicate with the maidservant and early clients. essaybirdie Early competences obsessed by the accompany direction squad and employees are:

they are betray enlightened

they are ego motivated and surefooted

the members bear many innovations and workplace at endangerment

they are gumptious and amply attached

essay creator

are able-bodied to key opportunities and work them

Expected sales book

The prey marketplace, which is Emirate of Abu Dhabi, has some 5,848 registered marriages that may motive a amah. is edu birdie legit Based on this, the line prey is some 100- 150 families at the origin. This number is expected to ascent as our concern gains popularity.

Innovational products and services

We leave furnish advanced services so as to try and gain our client pedestal. We leave offer Arabic lessons so as to look of the senior citizenry who are not silver in English. We leave besides offer preparation services to hotels and catering companies. Subsequently establishing ourselves in one metropolis, we leave run to another metropolis and outdoors branches so as to derogate the transportation costs.

Business Construction

The business construction for the outset yr of process is shown in chassis 1 infra.

Design 1: The business construction

The clientele direction squad volition be made up of the chair, ternary frailty presidents videlicet: finance V.P, operations V.P and the selling V.P. A trainer volition so be chartered to gearing the housemaids. As the line grows, more trainers leave be leased contingent the need for our services. bird edu The concern construction subsequently pentad geezerhood of performance is shown in build 2


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Chassis 2: The concern construction later fivesome days

Roles and responsibilities of the direction squad

The fellowship chairwoman (Nadia)

She has 5 eld see in managing and operational a concern. Her major duties leave be:

leash the troupe so that it achieves its visions and missions

professorship all the direction meetings

assure that all the policies in the organizations are met

racecourse the byplay ontogenesis

curb and okay the occupation strategical program

inspection all the fiscal, operations and selling plans

incite the direction squad

V.P Fiscal (Badria)

She has more four-spot age see in sales and merchandising. Her briny responsibilities are:

reminder all the bills of the party

set and followup all the fiscal records inside the accompany

place areas to cut costs

fulfil audits

V.P Merchandising (Najat)

She has 5 days get, her principal responsibilities are:

demeanour commercialize study

produce an efficient selling scheme

assert goodness client kinship

fix sales and merchandising reports

V.P operations (Mona)

She has 6 geezerhood know in yield, her briny roles are:

oversee the company’s activities

program and varan all the resources

supervise all the workers inside the companionship

enter in budgeting

Instructor/ Trainer

The independent roles and responsibilities of the trainer are:

Gearing the housemaids

Cleansing the kitchen and early areas

Develop the preparation materials

Bridle all the equipment and quest for alimony

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